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About us

Who we are

The market for joint protection goods is oversaturated. If you need to buy compression sleeves or braces, you will find thousands of offers, which are difficult to choose from.

We are a team of professionals that helps you choose what you need — and what will be the right choice for you. We have created a special selection methodology to rank products. Read more on this technique below.

How we test products

No fewer than four experts make up the jury to verify each product.


An orthopedist checks whether the product is suitable for the use in the cases specified in its description.


A professional athlete uses joint protection during training for a week to test its durability.


A protection buyer tests the product’s convenience and comfort.


An experienced category manager examines the market so that we show only those products that meet the price-quality requirement.

Our ranking system

As a result of the coordinated work of our team, we select the top 5 products in each category and add the best of them to our own rating:

top choice

Top Choice is a product that received the highest marks from the jury


Best-in-class is a product that has received the highest marks from a professional athlete

Customer choice

Customer choice is a product that is most convenient for daily use

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